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about us

About Us

Welcome to food world to have some tasty food  with great facilities. Food World Restaurant In Calicut is one of the top  restaurants in Kerala and it is located in Kozhikode. It contains two types of food items veg and

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fast and delicious

Home Delivery

Quick Home Delivery

Quick Home Delivery:  Quick Home Delivery will give that food to customers with in 20 minutes and  our restaurant will accept the card service payments. Customer can pay the money on online or in paytm account. On near 10 km

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Catering Service

Casual Catering Service

Casual Catering Service: Casual Catering Service is one of the famous catering services in kerala. Our Chef will Prepare many types of  cakes in our Casual Catering Service. We will prepare food for Birthday party, Marriage function, Engagement party and

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Room Service

Room Service

Restaurant Room Service By Our Staffs: Room service is a restaurant service to enabling the guests to choose the food and drinks for delivery to their restaurant room. We are servicing the room for free and we are also servicing

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"The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating"

Our Team

Team that make the place Magical


Ibrahim Nishal


 Ibrahim Nishal has lots of companies and restaurants of his own and he is also the owner of the Food World. He got many awards and achievements for the best owner in 2016 and 2018 in India. Ibrahim Nishal is

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master chef

Michel Roux Jr


Michel Roux Jr is a very famous master chef in the world and he is the British person. He is very expert in the two star dining. He got the master chef award in London and he is very expert

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Morgan Arthur

Morgan Arthur


Morgan Arthur is very expert in cooking any type of cuisine and he is also an expert in serving dishes and any food recipes. He got many awards and achievements in many food competition. He has a net worth 1

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